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Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Karnataka

Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Karnataka - Looking for the best Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Karnataka? Don’t worry we got your back. Well, the list is very long when we talk about pharma manufacturers in Karnataka. Being located in the southwest region of India, Karnataka in the past few decades has undergone tremendous growth and development in the field of the prescribed drugs, as massive hospitals are set here that directly offers lightweight pharmaceutical company growth. Explore the blog till the end to choose the best pharma manufacturing company in Karnataka. 

One of the main industrial sources in Karnataka is Pharma Sector. Karnataka is also known as the Pharma manufacturers and distributors. With the construction of its first biotech-IT park in Bangalore, Karnataka, at a total cost of about US$87 million, India is now actively targeting the bioinformatics market. Along with the Bangalore-based Strand Genomics and Ocimum Biosolutions, many Indian companies have already made an entrance into the Pharmaceutical industry. 

Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Karnataka 

No doubt Karnataka is a hub of pharma manufacturing companies but choosing the best out of such a long list is a difficult task. Hence to help you well list here the Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Karnataka you can go for. 

Lifevision Chandigarh 

Lifevision Chandigarh runs on the top of the list of the best pharma manufacturer in Karnataka. The company deals in highly effective and affordable pharma products. The company deals in a wide range of pharma products such as pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules, pharmaceutical ointment, drops and sachets, etc. The company manufactures using authorized technology and makes use of proven methods. Also, we work to make the patient's health better. Purity, accurate composition, and high effectiveness are what are our products are famous for. 

Why choose Lifevision Chandigarh as the best Pharma Manufacturing company in Karnataka?

Here are the top reasons for choosing Lifevision Chandigarh as the best Pharma Manufacturing company in Karnataka:

  • We believe in manufacturing the top quality products that too at an affordable price range. 
  • All our products serve high effectiveness, accurate composition, purity, and quick relief.
  • We make use of the authorized technology for the manufacturing of pharma products. 
  • We never compromise the quality of the pharma products for the price. 
  • Patients' health is our topmost priority.

Contact Details  

Name: Lifevision Chandigarh 


Phone Number: +91-9317777888

Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Being a Government Enterprise, Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd has grown from strength to strength in the areas of manufacturing and marketing of various life-saving and essential drugs from a modest beginning in 1984. KAPL is recognized for its total commitment to quality and services in domestic and international markets with an ISO accreditation. KAPL facilities are approved by many international clients on profit from inception. 

S.M. Pharmaceutical

S.M. Pharmaceutical is an Indian Pharmaceutical Company that was established at Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore, and is one of the leading manufacturers of the formulation. The company is engaged in liquid orals and re-packing of bulk drugs in the year 1983 under the name and style of “ S.M.Pharmaceuticals.” Being promoted by Mr. Chandrakumar Chawla and established to serve the community, SM Pharmaceutical is an integrated growing health care company and is aiming to become one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical export companies in India.

Avyukt Pharmaceuticals

Being established in the year 2010, Avyukt Pharmaceuticals is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Karnataka. The company deals in preparing efficacious solutions to the most striking health care challenges and proposed creating and holding up corporate values as well. They have a large team of proficient professionals to successfully satisfy the bulk requirement of Pharmaceutical products and also have developed a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure. To enhance health and well-being at every stage of life, the company has a team of experts who aim to leverage medical science and pool their great resources.


Hence these are the top Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Karnataka you can go for. Invest in any of the companies to get top-notch and effective pharma manufacturing services. 

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