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Capsule Manufacturing Process & it's Delivery

Capsule Manufacturing Process & it's Delivery - Some of the steps in manufacturing a capsule include formulation, filling, and sealing. The capsule shell is made from gelatin or any other suitable material before being filled with the mixture. After that, the capsules are sealed, quality checked, and packed for distribution. Lifevision Chandigarh provides Capsule Manufacturing Process & it's delivery in Pan India. We take care of every step in the complex science of capsule manufacturing and encapsulation, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, safety, and effectiveness.

We'll explore the interesting world of the capsule manufacturing process and its delivery in this comprehensive tutorial. You'll investigate the production process, encapsulation methods, and science underlying the creation of capsules. The steps required to ensure quality assurance, packing, and storage as well as the logistics involved in capsule delivery will also be covered. So come along with us on this exciting journey as we reveal the technologies used in capsule production and distribution.

What Is a Capsule?

The contents of the capsule are enclosed in a soft or hard, biodegradable shell or shell made of suitable gelatin. Capsules are solid forms of medicine. The advantages of capsules are their taste, ease of ingestion, and availability in large quantities. Depending on the amount of gelatin used, capsules are divided into two groups.

  • Hard Gelatin Capsule
  • Soft Gelatin Capsule 

Hard gelatin capsules are fundamentally different from soft gelatin capsules in that they have less plasticization. The "cap" and "body" of a hard gelatin capsule are two separate components. Hard gelatin is often used and contains pellets of medicine or powdered pharmaceuticals. The initial hollow capsule casings are therefore made separately and filled later using different pieces of equipment, making it a two-step process.

Capsule Manufacturing Process at Lifevision Chandigarh

Lifevision Chandigarh is the top company for the capsule manufacturing process and its delivery. Our manufacturing facilities are WHO certified and all our products are of quality. The production of capsules is essential for pharmaceutical and medical companies. Generally, the process consists of steps that must be followed to get the desired result. It covers every step of the process, from blending the basic components to printing and shipping the completed capsule. Knowing the process will help your employees and business effectively make capsules. So let's get started and see the general steps in the coming section! 

Top Step For Capsule Manufacturing Process

Let us examine each step of the capsule manufacturing process in more detail as it involves a number of processes –

Raw Material Inspection – Raw materials are carefully inspected before the production process begins. This process ensures that only premium ingredients are used, including excipients, capsule shells, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and other parts.

Granulation and Pre-blending – After passing the inspection, the raw material undergoes pre-blending. In pre-blending, the API and excipients are combined to form a homogeneous mixture. This step is essential to create a uniform and easy-to-fill capsule mix.

Filling for Capsules - This equipment measures and mixes the right amount of mixture. The filling process guarantees the accuracy and consistency of dosage. Depending on the situation, there are both manual and mechanized filling devices


The above article covers several steps in the Capsule Manufacturing Process & it's delivery to guarantee a high-quality, delicious result. The manufacturers take extraordinary care at every stage to ensure that the finished product meets all relevant safety and quality regulations. Because they are inexpensive and easy to take, capsules are a popular type of medication. They are available in a wide range of sizes and can hold a wide range of materials. The highly regulated capsule production process includes numerous quality control procedures to ensure that the finished product is both efficient and safe. 

FAQ About Capsule Manufacturing Process & its Delivery

Q - What are the two types of capsules manufactured by Lifevision Chandigarh?

A - Along with Soft Gelatin Capsules, we at Lifevision Chandigarh are manufacturing a wide variety of drugs for various pharmacological sectors such as Antibiotics, Drops Gastro, and PPIs.

Q - What are the methods of manufacturing soft capsules?

These automatic capsule-filling machines are mainly used in the large-scale manufacturing of capsules for the pharmaceutical industry. Any type of powder or small particle can be successfully injected into the body of a capsule by capsule fillers.

Q - What are the two types of capsules?

A - Hard-shelled and soft-gel capsules are the two primary varieties.

Q - What primary components make up a capsule?

A - Gelatin and nongelatin shells are the main components of capsules. Collagen is often hydrolyzed by acid, alkali, enzymes, or heat in cellulose-based or animal-origin capsules.