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Face Mask Manufacturer in Mumbai

Face Mask Manufacturer in Mumbai – The intellectuality that the use of face masks delays COVID-19 transmission is rapidly progressing popularity in the general public. The whole population needs proper guidance that, what is the proper way of wearing masks in public places, to reduce the pandemic crisis. Additionally, increasing the production and manufacturing of face masks in Mumbai, due to rapid transmission of positive cases.

Face masks are preferably used as the protective shield, so they were also called “protective masks”. That protected us from the transmission of any bacteria and viruses from one person to another.

The outcome of Wearing Protective Masks

Wearing masks has the advantage of protecting us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, protecting from indisputable infections can be caused in the environment with up-gradation. Following are some key points:

  • Prevention from harmful infections, bacteria, and viruses
  • Prevention from transmission
  • Fore mostly protects you
  • Lowers the risk of getting infected
  • Contagious free 
  • Can help to recover the economy

 List of Face Masks Manufacturers in Mumbai

| Plastic Surge Industries Pvt. Ltd. |

The well-known masks manufacturers in Mumbai “Plastic Surge Industries Pvt. Ltd.”. The company produces the products with high-quality material, and this is the reason for their appreciation in the market. As face mask has become an important and necessary requirement, because of their ability to stop infectious diseases, bacteria, and viruses.

One of the leading companies, they have a lot of variations in the category of face masks. Including surgical face masks, disposable face masks, respiratory masks, and many more. The company alleged that their masks can block all the harmful pollutants as well as micropollutants.

The company has a varied range of surgical masks, disposable masks, respiratory masks, that are to be put on either one ego or three. Also, the company recommends that this Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are usually of put and throw, that the client can use them for once or twice otherwise they would contain viruses on them. The masks are 100% breathable, which don’t cause suffocation if you wear them for a longer period also.

Contact Details 

Location -  Plot Number - 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector - 25 D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Mobile Number - +91-7888875237

Email Address -

| Self Shield Inc. |

The company has a team of experts that are passionate about the health and safety industry. Not only in Mumbai and India the company is widely spreading its business abroad too. Providing, a trustworthy marketplace in manufacturing of the face masks for the protective environment as well as in supplying. The company continues to expand its network and its knowledgeable aspects. 

The company isn’t just aware of the new modern technologies, but they have also incorporated and invented some of them by themselves. Self Shield Inc. usually caters the pharmaceuticals; hygienic, safe, and personal protective equipment. The company has provided a wide opportunity to the value of entrepreneurs to establish start-ups with them. 

The worldwide network has provided top-quality assurance of the products that are manufactured. The creative and technical team of designers helps them to have visionary clients to develop new products with innovative technologies.

| Kwality Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.  |

The company was established back in 2010, and now has become one of the leading manufacturers of Safety production in Mumbai and spreading in India. “Kwality Healthcare” produces a variety of masks including 2-ply masks, 3-ply masks, surgical face masks, disposable, filter protective masks, and respiratory masks. 

The products that are produced are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, oncology divisions, hospitals, construction, R&D units, Hygienic centers, etc.

The company has more than 100 people working with them In the production and manufacturing of face masks as well as the commercial department.

| Classi Caps Work |

The company “Classi caps work” is usually known for the manufacturing of promotional caps, headwear. But the company got reorganization with their invention of cloth face masks, which were the need of the modern generation. Additionally, people wanted a classy look for the face mask so their manufacturing of cloth face masks was of great success.

The company and the manufacturing unit serve their customers with well-equipped products with good customer satisfaction results.


Manufacturers of face masks increased with the increase of immediate bitcoin, but that made various entrepreneurs build up and develop a good marketplace. Therefore, the manufacturing of face masks in Mumbai for some manufacturers was of great success. However, they established their well-developed marketplace worldwide too, which lead to the rise of their business.

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