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Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Agra

Pharma manufacturing companies in Agra – People's health problems are growing more widespread these days as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and immune systems. The resource is the greatest choice in the outstanding range of pharmaceuticals due to the attraction of Pharma Commodities. Let us introduce you to Pharma manufacturing companies in Agra if you are looking for the best pharma product.

Agra, located on the shores of the Yamuna River, is one of India's most crowded cities. Agra has a significant historical significance in India and continues to play an important role in the country's development. Agra is a sophisticated city with numerous tourist attractions. The natural environment in Agra is poor, which contributes to the population's chronic frailty. It supplies vast sums for the administration of pharmaceutical products to assist people in curing their illnesses.

Furthermore, because the Agra medication profile is evolving, drug demand is projected to rise. Furthermore, Agra has its burgeoning pharmaceutical industry. In several crucial areas, it is projected to be a competitor of global pharma.

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Agra

Some of the most well-known pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Agra are listed below. We've listed the contact information for these pharmaceutical companies, as well as their registered office and some of their characteristics.

Lifevision Chandigarh

Lifevision Chandigarh is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Agra. Our crowning achievement is high-quality merchandise packaged beautifully. Our products are made by skilled professionals and are backed by considerable research. Some medication firms in this location are seeking for the greatest pharmaceutical manufacturers to help you with your search, and we can assure you that we will be able to help you.

Lifevision Chandigarh adheres to ISO standards and bears full responsibility for the provision of services in Agra. Our organization has highly skilled employees and cutting-edge technology, allowing us to produce big quantities of pharmaceuticals to solve our clients' concerns. Every medicine we produce is suited to the demands of the consumer, and as a result, we are attempting to re-enter the business by being conscious of the requirements of the clients. As a result, we can provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products in large quantities

Because we are the most incredible on the lookout, we offer the top things countrywide. The organization follows every quality-systematic regulation and agrees to every quality criterion to produce an amazing selection of pharmaceuticals. We've enlisted the help of a group of creative work researchers to focus on attracting new and imaginative aspects. With current equipment and a broad knowledge base, we have pushed a variety of prescriptions that increase patient well-being and provide immediate relief to the patient. Here are some of the benefits you will receive if you join us.

  • GMP and WHO-certified production units are available.
  • R&D experts with the latest technology are hired.
  • Our business makes use of eye-catching packaging.
  • We are continually introducing new and innovative atomizers.
  • Oxygen for a healthy environment and creation
  • To ensure the highest quality, a variety of quality options are available.

Contact Details:

Location: Plot Number - 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector - 25 D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Mobile Number: +91-9875959378

Email Address:

2 Zyrath Health Care

Zyrath Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is now prepared to expand into a variety of new areas. Its global mission is to succeed by innovating. The Company's Personnel Every member of our family has the right to live a healthy life. The family's head has developed the image of being supportive to each one, managed by specialists, and with a shared purpose of success for all. By offering specific items, this pharma manufacturer in Agra has turned this noble objective into a successful mission.

With the release of the current Psychiatry line, their many trademarks have already made an impression in the many therapeutic segments. They've done the groundwork and are devoted to bringing novel compounds to market for improved clinical efficacy. Zyrath Health Care Pvt. Ltd. has a system in place to ensure that inspects each stage of manufacturing for various quality and process issues.

Location: Khasra Number - 314, Vikas Kunj, Bada Ukharra, Chungi Rajpur , Agra - 282001

3 Dermaskin PCD Franchise:

Dermaskin PCD Franchise is India's fastest-growing derma company, providing cutting-edge pharmaceutical and cosmetic solutions. In India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Nepal, they are among the speediest dermatology firms. In the fields of aesthetic and medical dermatology, the company provides solutions to close therapeutic gaps.

They are a market- and the consumer-driven company that releases innovative and high-quality skin, hair, and body products regularly in response to genuine client needs and to set new cosmetology trends. We are known for our innovation. Our fundamental competency is quick decision-making and execution dynamism.

They are keen to promote higher health standards competitively because they emphasize connections over a transactional approach, allowing for far more collaboration to produce maximum value.

Location – Plot Number - 53, Jairam Bagh Colony, Rahul Vihar, DayalBagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282005


The most dependable Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Agra are listed above. We hope that this information will be beneficial to you in the surge of the best pharma partnerships.  Visit our official website at for more information. You may also fill out the contact form or call us. We are desperately innovating ways to assist you.


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