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Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Pune

Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Pune –  Since the beginning, if we skip the discussion of the 50s and 60s, India has been self-dependent on the pharmaceutical sector. In 2002 around 20000 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies were registered in India. Also to the countries like Russia and America India Used To export medicines. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies were established In India due to the Patent Act of 1970. Well, there are the Top 10 Pharma third party Companies In Pune.

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But not every company manufactures the best and the most effective pharma products. Hence to keep you updated about the top Pharma Manufacturing, this blog will help you well. Pharma companies also play a crucial role in the economy of the country. Dwelling in Pune and confused about choosing the best Pharma Manufacturer? Don’t worry just sit back and explore the blog. 

Why invest in Pharma Manufacturing services in Pune?

Pune is quickly becoming one of the most attractive locations for pharmaceutical manufacturing services in India. According to a recent report by McKinsey, Pune is expected to be the fastest-growing hub for pharma manufacturing services in India by 2020. In addition, the city is home to over 200 pharmaceutical companies, making it an ideal location for pharma manufacturing services. In terms of costs, Pune offers lower production costs compared to other cities in India, making it a viable option for investors. 

Furthermore, the city has a strong infrastructure that supports the growth of pharma manufacturing services. It is well connected by road, rail, and air, and has easy access to ports and airports. Additionally, Pune has a large pool of skilled and experienced labor, making it an attractive location for pharma manufacturing services. All of these factors make Pune a great option for investors looking to invest in pharma manufacturing services.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies In Pune 2023- 2024

No doubt there are many Pharma Manufacturing In Pune but not every company’s product has the same level of effectiveness. Hence listing here the Top 10 Pharma third party Companies In Pune you can go for. 


LIFEVISION CHANDIGARH is one of the Best Pharma companies in India. The company is known for its high-tech formulation machines. To keep a direct eye and surveillance on the manufacturing of the pharma products there are experienced doctors.

The best thing to note about Lifevision Healthcare is that their all products are effective and safe as well. All thanks to our professional team which is fully dedicated to the work that enables us to always come up with innovative medical solutions. Here are some of the reasons that make us the top Pharma Manufacturing Company In India. 

  • The products we offer are GMP and WHO-certified 
  • There is a wide range of pharma products that have superior quality. 
  • Not even a minor mistake is tolerated in the formulation and has a good reputation in the medical sector. 
  • The team ensures that there is a strict check on the manufacturing of the product.
  • All thanks to our experienced doctors who always research new formulation methods as We manufacture many innovative drugs. 
  • We have a systematic work environment To increase work efficiency. 
Contact Details 

Location -  Plot Number - 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector - 25 D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Mobile Number - +91-7888875237

Email Address -

2.) Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited 

It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It deals in the manufacturing and sale of pharmaceutical products, OTC, and generic segment, and is also a big player in active pharmaceutical ingredients in India and the United States.

It is the 5th largest generic manufacturer in the world as Sun Pharmaceutical Industries get acquisition of Ranbaxy in 2014. All over the world, Sun Pharmaceuticals has more than 40 manufacturing plants. Among the 40 units, There are both API and formulation plants. Over the six continents, Sun Pharma has manufacturing facilities. 

3.) Divis Laboratories Ltd. 

The company deals in the manufacturing of APIs for generic formulations and was founded by Dr. Murali K. Div in 1990. The company has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. The best thing to note about the company is that it has manufacturing plants across India, Europe, Asia, and the US. 

4.) Cipla Limited 

Being located in Mumbai, Cipla Limited is an Indian Pharmaceutical company, that deals in OTC and generic medicines segments. In the Indian Pharmaceutical market, the company has a significant share. Having a product portfolio spanning various therapeutic areas including Respiratory, Anti-infectives, Cardio-metabolic, Gastro, and Urology Cipla Ltd is the 3rd largest pharmaceutical company in India.

Cipla stands out in the fiercely competitive Indian pharmaceutical industry environment because of its strong brand equity, product range, and unique dosage forms. Along with gaining a presence in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market in the US, Cipla has significantly expanded its portfolio as well.

5.) Amaze Healthcare Private Limited

Amaze Healthcare is a rising star in the field of Dermatology, having started its journey in 2015 to work on the personal satisfaction of those facing skin ailments. Amaze Healthcare Pvt Ltd fully invests in manufacturing and advertising products with an inventory quality and greatness, which has received appreciation from patients and dermatologists.

6.) Callidus Research Laboratories

Callidus Research Laboratories is a planning improvement services company established and overseen by a group of experts in the pharmaceutical business that has a great history of serving the overall business sectors. Calidus provides a total range of services to our worldwide partners in the drug reform program including detailed reform, logical turn of events, strength studies, innovation steps, protected innovation property rights, and regulatory support.

7.) Biocon Limited 

Being headquartered In Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Cipla is an Indian biopharmaceutical company. It was founded by Kiran-Mazumdar-Shaw in 1978 and is a Bengaluru-based pharmaceutical company. 

The company deals in the manufacturing and selling of generic APIs for medicine formulation companies. In 120 countries The distribution of manufactured APIs is done. India and Malaysia, It is the first Indian MNCs that manufacture Insulins Biocon Ltd specializes in manufacturing medicines for diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. 

8) Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd.

This company was established in 1966 and has decades of experience in this field. Now, it has become the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced and sold globally. This will include the polio vaccine and Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, and so on. They deal in a plethora of pharma products which are available at affordable rates.

9) Iatros Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

It is a professional pharma company and was established in 90’s having its Head Office in Pune. This company has a positive presence in the Allergy Management and Pain Management segments. This is a leading pharma company with a team of qualified professionals who manufacture its pharma products. The professionals and skilled workforce never compromise the quality of its pharmaceuticals. It is an ISO-approved pharma company and all its products of its certified by WHO and GMP.

10) SAVA Healthcare Ltd.

This company came into existence in the year 2003 and it is engaged in manufacturing and supplying premium quality pharma products at affordable rates. They are committed to making life “feel Good” with their amazing range of healthcare products for Humans and veterinarians. This company has manufacturing units that are located in tax-free zones. Their manufacturing plants are fully equipped with the latest machinery and advanced technologies for the manufacturing of pharma products.


Hence these are the top Pharma Manufacturers In Pune You can go for. All the companies are known for the best quality and most effective products. Their product range has competitive prices and is a lot safer to use. 

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