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Spirulina Capsule Manufacturers in India

Spirulina Capsule Manufacturers in India - One of the oldest life forms on the planet is considered to be the blue-green algae Spirulina. Spirulina is considered a superfood and is an all-in-one source of nutrients, including protein levels comparable to an egg. Are you looking for Spirulina Capsule manufacturers & suppliers? I hope this article of ours helped you to locate Spirulina Capsules Manufacturers in India. We will also discuss spirulina and its benefits in our blog.

Spirulina is an alga that resembles seaweed. It is commonly found in the moist, hot climate of Tamil Nadu. Which is eaten by both humans and animals. Spirulina has many benefits, including the fact that it is rich in minerals and lowers blood pressure. Only freshwater ecosystems such as lakes, rivers, and ponds can support their growth.

List of Top Spirulina Manufacturers in India 2023

If you are looking for the list of Top Spirulina Capsule Manufacturers in India. We hope that these articles will help you in finding a suitable business. Given below are some of the most reputed manufacturers of Spirulina in India in the following formats -

Lifevision Chandigarh

Lifevision Chandigarh is one of the top manufacturers of Spirulina Capsules in India. It is a third-party drug manufacturer that was established in 2010. Lifevision Chandigarh manufactures pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and ointments of the highest potency. We use approved technology to manufacture the products. The best thing about Lifevision Chandigarh is that it manufactures products that are both efficient and reasonably priced. Owing to the wide variety of products we offer and our competitive rates, that has helped us build a solid reputation in the industry and solid relationship with our clients.

Contact Details 

Name: Lifevision Chandigarh 


Phone Number: +91-9317777888

Lavanya Agro Industries

Lavanya Argo Industries are able to provide the highest quality herbal extracts at the most affordable costs because of its team of committed specialists and the most up-to-date manufacturing methods. Based on the needs of our clients, they have developed items with a focus on developing them in a range of settings. Its business exports its goods all over the world. Because of the unrivaled quality and impeccable hygiene of their product, their customers are consistently happy with their spirulina. Only premium ingredients are used in their goods.

Address - Flat No. 105, Ground Floor, Local Shopping Center, Kalkaji, New Delhi- 110019, Delhi, India

Herbo Nutra

The most reliable and prosperous spirulina brand was Herbo Nutra. The business was founded in Delhi in 2013. Its primary concentration is on being a top exporter, importer, and wholesaler of essential oils and herbal extracts. The CEO of the business is Bhashkar Dwivedi. They have all the necessary purification, isolation, and extraction equipment in their processing units. They consistently sought to offer their goods at fair costs. The organization is supported by a competent staff of professionals that are a crucial component of their business.

Address: Flat No. 2 A, 1st Floor, Rachana Apartment – I Plot No. 17, 18, New Delhi- 110059, Delhi, India

Green Heaven 

If you want long-term health or fitness, then. You can get the greatest natural herbs from Green Heaven at very reasonable prices. The company's first manufacturing started in 1992, and Ravi Dulani is the CEO. Its company is divided into various segments including trading, import, and export. His goods were in great demand because of the superior quality of the medicine. The business offers you a really good deal for the betterment of humanity. Its mission is to provide safe, all-natural remedies for a range of health problems.

Address - Block NO. 14, Hingna, MIDC, Nagpur- 440028, Maharashtra, India

Bioprex Labs

The company started manufacturing in 1993. Bioprex labs were created with the mission of ‘Taking Ayurveda to Every Home’. Their main objective is to make people happy and healthy through reliable Ayurvedic treatment. They are trading a high-quality range of products like Neem oil, herbal extract, instant tea extract, etc. They have exported 90% of their products to North America and Europe. The company is registered with pharma export promotion in India, Mahratta chamber of commerce, agriculture and industry, and last sector general of foreign trade India. 

Address: J.M.Road Arcade, Flat no.389 Pune, Maharashtra, India. 411005


We sincerely hope that the information we are providing regarding the top list of spirulina manufacturers in India will be helpful in your searches. All of the businesses on the list provide you with the best products at fair prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the best spirulina manufacturers in India?

A - Lifevision Chandigarh is the best Spirulina manufacturer in India. It is known for its best-in-class healthcare products.

Q - What are the benefits of Spirulina Capsules?

A - Spirulina is an example of blue-green algae. It contains essential nutrients and may benefit diabetes, blood pressure, eye health, oral health, and other conditions