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Top 10 Melasma Cream Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Melasma Cream Manufacturers in India - Melasma is a skin-darkening disorder that mainly affects women. Men can also experience this skin-darkening effect, but it affects everyone who exposes their skin to the sun's harmful rays, ionizing radiation, or hormonal drugs. There are many manufacturers in India who manufacture creams for melasma. Below we have shown the list of the Top 10 Melasma Cream Manufacturers in India. If you want to do business in Melasma Cream, then you can choose any of the options given below.

While using melasma creams dark spots appear on the skin, especially on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and sometimes on the chin. Dark spots may also develop on the arms and neck. It is more common in pregnant women. Young adults who are regularly exposed to the sun without wearing sunscreen also often develop it. Melasma can be self-diagnosed, and treatment usually involves using topical creams to remove the pigmented top layers of skin.

Skincare Dermacosmetics Market Growth in India

According to research, the Skinshine category will control the majority share of the Indian skincare and derma cosmetics market in 2021. This is mainly because it has become necessary to treat and prevent mild to severe melasma, lighten skin tone and reduce sagging skin.

The acne category will hold the largest market share in 2023. The main reasons for this are the high percentage of young people in the nation and the wide demographic range choosing acne treatment. Also, as their disposable income increases, Indian consumers can spend more money on skincare products to enhance their skincare routine.

List of Top 10 Melasma Cream Manufacturers in India

Manufacturers who manufacture good quality Skin Creams in India with proper services to the customers at very affordable rates. Our blog also gives detailed information about top 10 melasma cream manufacturers in India -

Lifevision Chandigarh

One of the best and most reputed melasma cream manufacturers in India, Lifevision Chandigarh offers a variety of cream formulation options at competitive prices. In addition, LifeVision Chandigarh offers a wide range of services including third party and private-label manufacturing facilities for its derma and cosmetic line. There are many advantages to choosing Lifevision Chandigarh as one of the leading Melasma cream manufacturers in India. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • We offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical products with excellent quality
  • All our products are GMP and WHO-approved.
  • Our team closely monitors the manufacturing process of the product.
  • Our manufacturing facility is ISO-certified and DCGI-approved.
  • We have a structured work environment to increase productivity.

Contact Details

Name - Lifevision Cosmetics

Mail Id -

Phone Number - +91 9815878630

Address - Lifevision Cosmetics Plot No. 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh - 160014, India

2.Genesis Biotech Inc.

Looking at the current state of the pharmaceutical sector, Genesis Biotech is one of the top Melasma cream manufacturers based in Chandigarh. It is certified to GMP and ISO 9001-2008 standards. Its manufacturing facility, Truzen Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, is situated at the base of the Shivaliks in Roorkee and enjoys a clean and pollution-free environment.

Address - Splendid Plaza, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034 India

3.AV Skin Sciences

The company AV Skin Sciences is committed to providing you with the best in cosmetic product manufacturing. We will give an admirable shape to your concept. AV Skin Sciences, a venture of cosmetic product experts and beauty enthusiasts, aims to develop the highest potential skincare and hair care products for your business.

Address - Ground Floor Village Saidpura Dera Bassi, Punjab 140507

4.Cosmederma Remedies

At Cosmederma Remedies, we take great satisfaction in our ability to offer high-quality general derma and cosmetic goods to patients. We only sell goods that are of the highest quality and made with the most effective methods. Cosmederma Remedies has been able to provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and safe products through a skilled and professional workforce.  

Address - SCF No. 246, Motor Market, Manimajra

5.Aesthetic sense

The Aesthetic Sense is the leading Derma PCD Franchise Company in India. We are a reputed company offering a wide selection of Derma Products to our valuable clients. We are hopeful that our effective and cutting-edge medical solutions will meet the demands and needs of our customers.

Address - Market, B. No-55, New, Sector 125, Sunny Enclave, Kharar, Punjab 140301

6.Swisschem Dermacare

Swisschem Dermacare, a reputed pharmaceuticals company with a range of skincare products, commenced operations in 2008. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe pharmaceutical treatments for skin conditions such as acne, fungus infections, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, hair loss, and more. and seborrhea. , among others.

Address - Plot no. 295, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Panchkula

7.Shinom Cosmeceuticals

Shinom Cosmeceuticals has established a reputation for developing cutting-edge, first-to-market products, conducting clinical research, and producing high-quality, highly efficient products. A dedicated company, Shinom Cosmeceuticals is producing high-quality dermatology products to meet the demands of both men and women.

Address - Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt, Haryana

8.Skinwell Remedies

SkinWell Remedies is one of the top Melasma cream manufacturers in India. By providing Derma business franchises, we are attempting to improve product visibility across all of India. For PCD franchisees, we provide a variety of dermatological goods.

Address - Adm. office – Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar Ambala Cantt

9.Skin Secrets

SkinSecrets is a leader in non-invasive, painless cosmetic skin treatments. Each client's needs are thoroughly understood at the clinic, and treatment regimens are created based on the requirements, the current patient's condition, and suitability. We recommend a system that requires less downtime and more importantly causes less pain.

Address - Modern Bread, Edapalli, Cochin - 682024. Kerala, India

10.Just Herbs 

Just Herbs were founded with the goal of developing natural beauty products that are safe, reliable, and effective. We combine the best aspects of traditional Ayurveda techniques with knowledge gained from modern research, to provide beauty treatments that work on many levels. We deliver healthy beauty, yet we have stayed true to our initial promise of providing effective beauty solutions.

Address - Shop no. 40, Inner Market, Sector 9-D, Chandigarh, 160009


The need for Melasma Cream is increasing rapidly. Due to the high demand for Melasma Cream, some people have decided to launch their own line of beauty products. If you are one of them and are looking for a Top 10 Melasma Cream manufacturer in India for yourself, then have a look at our listing. We sincerely hope that we have given you the most accurate information about Skin Cream Manufacturers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - Which company offers the best melasma cream manufacturing services in India?

A - Lifevision Chandigarh is one of the leading derma range manufacturing companies offering premium quality Melasma Cream and so many derma products.

Q -What are the benefits of applying melasma cream?

A - Melasma creams can help lighten the skin in several ways. This includes inhibiting pigment formation, reducing melanin production, removing dar