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CALCIUM CITRATE MALATE 250MG, CALCITROL...0.25MCG, ZINC 7.5MG  – The medication is the combination of “Calcium Citrate Malate”, “Calcitriol” and “Zinc”, which belongs to the nutritional supplements that are used to prevent and also treat the low blood level in humans. Individuals who are not getting enough nutrition from their diet intake are recommended to take the dose of Calcium Citrate Malate Calcitriol Zinc.

It is preferably the treatment of calcium deficiency as well as vitamin D deficiency. The medication is in the form of multi-vitamin tablets, which are used to treat and also prevent vitamin deficiency.

Likewise, due to the poor intake of diet, caused certain illnesses or during- after pregnancy. Whereby, vitamins are the building blocks of the body, which keeps the body in a good health. The medication treats various conditions such as bone loss or Osteoporosis, weak bones or Rickets, and certain muscle diseases or Tetany.

Components of Medication:

  1. Calcium Citrate Malate: It is known to be a water-soluble calcium supplement, which increases the plasma calcium level of your body. It demonstrates the PH independent absorption and is vigorously less amenable in the formation of calcium phytate.
  2. Calcitriol: Known for controlling the growth of the parathyroid glands and suppressing the synthesis. It is well tolerated significantly and safe to reduce the rate of new vertebral fractures during pregnancy, and post-menopausal.
  3. Zinc: Increases the Bone Mineral Density (BMD), providing the body with the beneficial role and boosted immunity.


The combinational medication dosage increases the strength, coupling with the mineral content of the body. Thereby, reducing the chances of falls and fractures in the body, as calcium is an essential element that is required in our body. Furthermore, it is important for the normal functioning of the body, and when the calcium sufficiency isn’t completed, the body starts acquiring it from bones.

In addition, Calcitriol is known to be an active form of Vitamin D3, which is important for the absorption of calcium. And zinc is important to keep the immune system boosted with body enhancement.

The medication is a combination of eventually having an increased content of calcium of bones and helping your body effectively utilize that calcium. Mentioned below are the uses:

  1. Treat low blood calcium levels
  2. Treat Vitamins Deficiency
  3. Multi-Vitamins for pregnant and Lactating women’
  4. Helps maintain bone density and bone health

Side Effects:

Many doctors prescribe the medication because they have diagnosed you be the deficiency, but the doctor will provide you with the medication and its usage accordingly to your needs. Additionally, to which it doesn’t give you adverse side effects. Side effects included are:

  1. Constipation
  2. Stomach Upset
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Pounding heartbeat
  5. Side effects may appear within a day or so, such as paying attention to taking the dosage with your diet, and if affecting you more, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


  1. Take medication under doctor’s prescription as you may be allergic to vitamins
  2. Before having the consultation from the doctor, do tell if you are pregnant, having heart problems, or diabetes
  3. Tell the true medical history to your doctor.


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