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CALCIUM CITRATE MALATE …250MG, VITAMIN D3 250 IU – Calcium Citrate Malate …250mg, Vitamin D3 250 IU is enormously used as a nutritional supplement to treat calcium deficiency along with Vitamin D deficiency. The combination of medicated supplements is vitally used to treat the low blood calcium and vitamin D levels in an individual. The mediation is preferably in prescription when a person is having vitamin D3 and Calcium deficiency.
The nutritional supplement is recommendable to women who are pregnant or lactating coupling with the postmenopausal.


Calcium Citrate Malate …250mg, Vitamin D3 250 eventually belongs to the class of nutritional supplements that is highly and essentially the prevention of treating low blood calcium level. Moreover, people have insufficient diet intakes, which leads to the prescription of the supplements.
The combinational medication effectively treats various conditions that are caused due to low calcium levels such as weak and brittle bones i.e. Osteoporosis. Including with weakening of the bones as well as causing muscles disease with low calcium levels.

Components of Medication:

  1. Calcium Citrate Malate 250 mg: The medication is useful in preventing or treating calcium deficiency providing the nutrients to maintain the formation of bones. The medication is known as the water-soluble calcium supplement that increases plasma calcium levels.
  2. Vitamin D3 250 IU: The medication is the sub-class of Vitamin D that widely raises the blood. The medication is precisely helping in maintaining the absorbency of more calcium in the food intake.

Side Effects of Calcium Citrate Malate …250mg, Vitamin D3 250

Majorly the medication is a nutritional supplement, but can adversely affect accordingly the body types. Moreover, if any inconsistency or irregularities are noticeable after taking the medication consult your doctor. Some major side effects include:

  1. Stomach pain & Constipation
  2. Vomiting & Nausea
  3. Slight dizziness
  4. Frequently Urinating
  5. Tiredness & Weakening

Uses of Calcium Citrate Malate …250mg, Vitamin D3 250:

The combinational nutritional drug is efficiently in purpose to prevent and treat the low blood calcium levels in humans. Most people don’t get enough calcium from their diet and they incur various sorts of deficiencies. Thereby the combination supplement helps in treating the conditions by proving the best and healthy human body.
Furthermore, with the increasing age, half of the population suffers from the weakening of their bones. Whereby, the medication serves as the best source of the supplement. But the medication is never to b taken to complete the initial intake of your food, try to eat the natural food.
Calcium and Vitamins play a vital role in the proper functioning of bones, cells, nerves, along with muscles. If the body is getting insufficient calcium & Vitamins, the body starts initiating the calcium and vitamins from the bones. Thereby, leading to the weakening of bones whereas, Vitamin helps in the absorption for the proper building of bones, cells, and muscles.

The Direction of Usage:

The prescription of the medication is initiated with help of the doctors’ directions as they would diagnose the deficiency and provide you with the best possible dosage. The medication is highly into a prescription for elderly people as well as pregnant and lactating women as they’re at higher risk of calcium and vitamin D deficiency.