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CEFIXIME...50MG – Cefixime 50 mg is an antibiotic preferably given to children due to its lower percentage of the composition. The antibiotic comes under the class of “Cephalosporin antibiotics”, which is used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections.
The medicated and the prescribed drug is effective in the bacterial infection of your child’s respiratory tract, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, as well as throat, nose, ears. The mediation is usually given to children such that their bodies can fight against bacterial infections.

Moreover, the medicated drug can also be used in treating uncomplicated typhoid fever in small children coupled with adolescents. As the prescription eventually depends on the kind of bacterial infection you’ve inbuilt.

Benefits of Cefixime 50 mg:

The antibiotic medication is prescribed when an irregular bacterial infection is caused in the body. A few of the benefits of taking the medication are:

  1. Helps in killing the bacterial wall called as “cell wall”
  2. Effective for the bacterial infections of lungs, throat, and urinary tract.
  3. Destroys the bacterial cell wall, making you cure with the infection
  4. Treats gonococcus infections in the body

Uses of Cefixime 50 mg

The medication is eventually helpful for treating bacterial infections. Additionally, it is prescribed and directed to consume with your meal or two hours before or after a meal. Consuming the medication during, with, or after your meal will give you better results because of its quick absorbency.
The medication usually makes you feel better within a week or so. Therefore don’t avoid the medicine after you feel good. Rather consume the dose until commuted by your doctor, as that can make you resistant to antibiotics.
Moreover, if the child vomits within 30 minutes, don’t give the next dose and consult your doctor for further procedures.

Side Effects:

Cefixime 50 mg doesn’t give any serious effects and the percentile composition is lower than other antibiotics. The medicine is highly tolerable in the body of children unless and until they have any developed allergy or disease.
In case you find any irregularities, consult your concerned doctor, common side effect

  1.  Indigestion
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Stomach Pain
  4. Abdominal Pain
  5. Nausea/Vomiting

How does Cefixime 50 mg Works?

The antibiotic acts as an agent of not letting the bacteria from its cell wall that is required for their growth. The bacteria essentially requires the protective cell wall for growth thereby, intake of the medication stops destroying the bacterial cell wall.
Additionally, to which the infectious bacteria inhibits the growth and prevents the infection. The bacterium becomes resistant to further growth with the breakage of their protective wall.


The medicine is directed to be taken in 12-16 hours of the gap with the evenly spaced time. Further, prescribed by the doctor keeping in view your symptoms and severity. Take the dose at the same time every day and never skip your dose, but if you’ve skipped the dose never double the dose.
Moreover, take the dose immediately when you remember. And if you’ve overdosed on the medication consult your concerned doctor as soon as possible. Never stop the medication in between when you feel good, it will make the body resistant to antibiotics.

Furthermore, if your find any irregularities of irritation in the body go to your doctor as soon as possible. Additionally, before the prescription acknowledge your doctor about the medical history and allergies.



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