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CEPHALEXIN...250MG – Being a powerful antibiotic, CEPHALEXIN is used for the treatment of your body’s bacterial infections. In infections of the lungs, ears, throat, urinary tract, soft tissues, bones, and joints, it is very effective. It helps in improving your symptoms and curing infection as it kills the bacteria. Against the infections caused by viruses, Cephalexin 250 mg is not effective. Some common side effects can also occur on CEPHALEXIN Intake such as diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, weakness, nausea, and vomiting, etc. To know about every detail of CEPHALEXIN...250MG, read the blog till the end.

How to use CEPHALEXIN...250MG?

You can take CEPHALEXIN...250MG with or without food. As per the schedule prescribed by the doctor you should take it at evenly spaced intervals. It's easier to remember the medicine If you take the medicine at the same time every day. You should always complete the course of this antibiotic as prescribed by your doctor and the dose will depend on what you are treated for. Even if you feel better, do not stop taking it until you have finished. Some bacteria may survive and infection may come back if you stop taking it early. Any antibiotic is taken when not needed, for future infections becomes less effective.

Benefits of CEPHALEXIN...250MG

In Treatment of Bacterial infections
CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET works by killing the infection-causing bacteria in your body and is an antibiotic medicine. For bacterial infections of the throat, ears, urinary tract, skin, and soft tissues, it is very effective. No doubt within a few days you will start feeling better after taking medicine but do not discontinue taking medicine and complete the course as prescribed by your doctor as infections come back and are harder to treat.


  • Alcohol - Well, the combination of the CEPHALEXIN with alcohol does not cause any harmful side effects.
  • Pregnancy - To use during pregnancy, the CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET is generally considered safe to use. It does not cause harm to the development of the baby as per the studies. 
  • Breastfeeding - During breastfeeding, CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET is safe to use. The drug is not harmful to the baby and does not pass into the breastmilk in a significant amount as per human studies. Since it may have possible effects such as rash and diarrhea, avoid prolonged use of CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET. 
  • Driving - Your ability to drive is not usually affected by the CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET.
  • Kidney - In patients with severe kidney disease, CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET should be used with caution, and also the dose adjustment may be needed. Hence always consult your doctor.
  • Liver - In patients with liver disease, CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET should be used with caution, and also there is a need for the adjustment of the dose. Consult your doctor before making its intake.


Take the dose as soon as possible if you missed a dose of CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET but skipping the missed dose is the only option if it is almost time for your next dose to avoid the double dose.



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