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FENUGREEK OIL CAPSULE 500MG – Being an annual herb, Fenugreek Oil Capsule is rich in effective and powerful ingredients. Fenugreek oil is empowered by the fenugreek rich in antioxidants and helps in fighting against free radicals that cause aging. Fenugreek may support the healthy production of breast milk and help in maintaining Breast Shape. It can also regulate blood sugar levels already within the normal range as it contains amino acids. Explore the blog till the end to know about Fenugreek Oil Capsule 500 mg

Clover is an herb that is almost similar to fenugreek. Fenugreek seeds are used in cooking, in medicine, and to hide the taste of other medicine and are native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia. The taste and seeds smell of the fenugreek is similar to maple syrup. Also in India, fenugreek is eaten as a vegetable.

How does Fenugreek Oil Capsule work?

For Diabetes, Menstrual Cramps, high cholesterol, and many other conditions fenugreek is taken by mouth. 
In spice blends in foods, fenugreek is included as an ingredient. In imitation maple syrup, foods, beverages, and tobacco it is used as a flavoring agent. Fenugreek extracts are also used in soaps and cosmetics.
Fenugreek stimulates insulin and appears to slow the absorption of sugars inside the stomach. In people with diabetes both of these effects lower blood sugar. 

Uses of Fenugreek Oil Capsule 500mg

  • Diabetes – In people with diabetes, fenugreek seed may lower blood sugar levels. This 5 grams daily dose can work well. If you will take a smaller dose it may affect the effectiveness. 
  • It also helps in curing the menstrual cramps by taking 1800-2700 mg of fenugreek seed powder three times daily for the first 3 days of a menstrual period. This has also reduced the interdependence on painkillers. 
  • Fenugreek can also cure the sexual problems that prevent sexual satisfaction. Hence the interest in the sex in healthy younger women can be increased by taking 600 mg of specific fenugreek seed extract. Not only this in healthy younger women with a low sex drive it increases interest in sex.
  • In healthy people, it increases the response to sexual stimuli. It also improves ability and interest in sex in older men that have started to lose interest and in healthy younger men if taken 600 mg of a specific fenugreek seed extract. 

Precautions to be taken for Fenugreek Oil Capsule 

Pregnancy: When used in amounts greater than those in food it is likely unsafe. It might cause early contractions and malformations in the baby. It may cause the newborn to have an unusual body odor if taken before delivery. This body odor could be confused with a condition called "maple syrup urine disease” but isn’t harmful.
Breast-feeding: When taken by mouth to increase breastmilk flow, Fenugreek oil capsule is POSSIBLY SAFE. Also, fenugreek is taken in a dose of 1725 mg three times daily for 21 days does not cause any side effects in infants. 

 Children: When used in the amounts found in foods, Fenugreek is LIKELY SAFE. To know if fenugreek is safe when taken in larger amounts is impossible as no reliable information is present. 

 Surgery: It also slows down the blood clotting and might cause extra bleeding during and after surgery. Hence after surgery stop its intake for at least 2 weeks.