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OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID CONTAINING...(EPA 180, DHA 120) –  Serving plenty of health benefits, Omega-3 fatty acids is very beneficial for maintaining overall health. Also for maintaining organs like the brain heart and eyes, it is very beneficial to consume. Our diet contains less omega- 3 and high Omega-6 fatty acids that result in an unhealthy ratio of Omega-6/Omega-3 in the body due to modern aquaculture and agriculture. In our body, this unhealthy ratio affects the health of the vital organs and promotes inflammatory processes. 

Why Consuming Omega 3 Fatty Acid Containing (EPA 180, DHA 120) imperative?

Short Chain Omega- 3 ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) is a prominent component of our diet and is found in land plants. In our body, the EPA and DHA are formed after the conversion of the ALA but this conversion is very limited. Hence procuring the required amount of EPA and DHA from diet alone is a lot challenging. Hence it becomes imperative to overcome this challenge by making the consumption of the Omega-3 Supplement enriched with EPA and DHA. These supplements help in improving and maintaining the health of the heart, brain, eyes, and joints as they are rich in EPA and DHA and provide double strength. 

Top Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids 

Having incredible and powerful health benefits for the brain and body omega 3 is the best supplement to go for. Here are the top benefits that you can derive from omega 3 supplements

  • One of the most well-known benefits of consuming Omega 3 is that it lowers the risk factors for heart disease. 
  • It prevents plaque buildup, reduces metabolic syndrome symptoms, and prevents blood clots if taken in an adequate amount in your diet, lowers high triglycerides, regulates sculptor, and lowers high blood pressure as well.
  • In today's world Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health issues and a positive effect can be done on your brain and mental health due to the consumption of a good amount of Omega 3. In combating anxiety and depression it Is a lot effective. 
  • Leading to major illnesses, inflammation is the root of most diseases. Hence inflammation can be reduced by taking enough omega-3. 
  • Also, Omega 3 Is best to be consumed while pregnant, as it helps in the development of the child and, is good for the brain. Including higher intelligence, fewer behavioral problems, and lower risk of autism, developmental delay, and ADHD it offers various health benefits to the child. 
  • In keeping the retina of the eye healthy Omega 3 Plays a special role and also prevents impairment and blindness. 
  • In both young adults and children, Omega 3 supplement intake is associated with a lowered risk of asthma. 
  • By providing enough amount of calcium to the bones Omega 3 Improves joint and bone health. By taking omega 3s supplements, patients suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis can reduce joint pain and increase grip strength. 

When to consume omega 3?

Well, a dose of 400-3000 mg per day is needed to have a positive effect on the body Omega 3 supplements. Also if you want to consume omega 3 for weight loss then consume it after 5-10 minutes of meals. 
A minimum dose of 250-500 mg of omega 3 each day for healthy adults is recommended by many nutritionists. For certain health conditions, high amounts of supplements are often recommended. 

Precautions to be taken while taking Omega 3

Consult your doctor if you are allergic to supplements or fish or any other allergies Before consuming omega 3 supplements. Soy or peanuts, which can cause allergic reactions are also found as inactive ingredients in Omega 3 supplements. Also feel it imperative to discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor before, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.