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RACECADOTRIL...30MG/1GM – Commonly used in the treatment of Diarrhea, Racecadotril is used when fluid and dietary measures are found insufficiently effective for controlling Diarrhea. Racecadotril reduces the secretion of water and electrolytes from the intestine. Diarrhea helps to reduce the amount of fluid loss. Well to know every corner of the RACECADOTRIL...30MG/1GM explore the blog till the end. 
A prodrug is another name for Racecadotril. It is broken down into an active ingredient called thiorphan inside your body. The amount of watery secretions that are produced by the intestines is reduced by the Thiorphan. This also helps well in your body's loss of fluid. Also, it helps in reducing the risk of dehydration and reduces the symptoms of diarrhea. 

RACECADOTRIL...30MG/1GM for Children 

In children under 12 years old, medicines are not normally given to stop diarrhea. Well for children over 3 months of age, racecadotril is suitable. If the symptoms are severe in your child or if they persist for several days or more then it can be prescribed for your child. 

How to take RACECADOTRIL...30MG/1GM for acute diarrhea

  • Before taking the medicine do not forget to go through the leaflet provided by the manufacturer inside the medicine to know about the possible side effects and precautions to be taken.
  • Racecadotril should be taken exactly as your doctor tells you to for acute diarrhea. Until diarrhea stops, it is taken three times daily at regular intervals. 
  • Use food or water to mix the granules from the sachet and make sure the granules are mixed well, and then give the dose to your child straight away. 
  • One dose should be given to a child three times daily. And the number of sachets depends upon the weight of your child. 

Before taking RACECADOTRIL...30MG/1GM

Some medicines may only be used if extra care is taken or are not suitable for people with certain conditions. Hence before your child starts taking racecadotril it is imperative to make your doctor aware of the following points.
  • If there has been blood or pus in their stool and they have a high fever.
  • If they have any problems with the way their kidneys work or any problems with the way their liver works.
  • If they have recently used an antibiotic medicine for an infection.
  • If they are breastfeeding or pregnant as adolescents. 
  • If they are taking up some other medicine that is herbal and complementary medicines which are available to buy without a prescription. 
  • If they are allergic to any medicine or any salt.