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VIT E NATURAL 400I.U, COD LIVER OIL 300MG – Sourced from pristine waters of Norwegian Sea - With the added goodness of the natural form of vitamin E it is the best source of 100% pure & highest quality cod liver oil. It is a Breakthrough in extraction technique for unmatched purity and potency and is rich in naturally occurring Omega-3s, EPA & DHA + Vitamin D + Vitamin A. For better distribution and absorption it is rapid release and non-enteric coated softgels. 

The best thing to note about them is that they are Molecularly distilled, pharmaceutical-grade rapid-release softgels, and are tested for PCB and heavy metals. Also, it becomes best with the added goodness of vitamin E and Is also regarded as safe for consumption. Well to know every inch about VIT E NATURAL 400I.U, COD LIVER OIL 300MGexplore the blog till the end.

What are COD Liver oil and its uses?

Well eating fresh COD Liver or taking supplements is the only way of consuming the COD Liver oil. It contains a fat called omega 3 and vitamins A and D. It also prevents the blood from clotting easily and contains certain “fatty acids”. In reducing swelling and pain, these fatty acids have a big hand. For many conditions such as heart health, depression, arthritis, and COD Liver oil is used.

When we talk of its uses it lowers triglycerides which are blood fats. In people with high triglycerides, the level of triglyceride can be reduced by 20 percent to 50 percent if cod liver oil is taken by mouth. Also, it helps in lowering blood pressure if consumed through the mouth. It reduces protein in the urine, a marker for kidney disease severity in kidney disease in people with type 2 diabetes. 


Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

You can control your body’s inflammation levels by taking Cod Liver oil and vitamin E together and both supplements help in fighting the inflammation. To make inflammatory chemicals, called eicosanoids your body uses your cell's fats. It reduces the overall inflammation levels by entering your system. By lowering the level of pro-inflammatory compounds in your system Vitamin E fights inflammation. Also, vitamin E fights cell damage performing its antioxidant function.

Improved Skin Health

To promote skin health, COD Liver oil and vitamin E works wonders. As they minimize damage to collagen -- the protein destroyed by the sun's harmful rays they protect your skin. 

Neurological Function

The combination of the Vitamin E and COD Liver Oil helps in promote healthy brain function and it gets get incorporated into your brain's gray matter, which makes up part of your brain cell membranes. 

Precautions to be followed before VIT E NATURAL 400I.U, COD LIVER OIL 300MG

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: When used in amounts that provide no more than the recommended daily intakes of vitamin A and Vitamin D, Cod liver oil is possibly safe. When taken in larger amounts Cod liver oil is possibly unsafe. Avoid consuming more than 3000 mcg of vitamin A and 100 mcg of vitamin D when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Children: When taken by mouth in amounts that provide no more than the recommended daily intakes of vitamin A and vitamin D Cod liver oil is likely safe for most children. When taken in larger amounts, Cod Liver oil is possibly unsafe. 

Diabetes:  In people with diabetes it may increase blood sugar levels. Cod Liver oil increases the effects of some anti-diabetes drugs and might also lower blood sugar levels. Don’t forget to monitor your blood sugar levels closely if you have diabetes and use cod liver oil.